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Cherry dessert ideas - for today!!

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8Track Sun 28-Jul-19 14:20:27

I've a lovley pottering Sunday going on here, have a load of cherries picked this week and feel like making a dessert for after dinner tonight!! No idea what though....Anyone fancy being being a bit Ready Steady Cook and giving me some ideas from what I've got in?

150g dark chocolate
Plain and SR flour
Ground almonds
6 eggs
Small bottle of brandy
Orange juice
Natural yoghurt

At the moment I'm thinking compote and yoghurt but it sounds a bit lacking in texture.....

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RainOrSun Sun 28-Jul-19 14:32:37


LittleAndOften Sun 28-Jul-19 14:38:47

I've been eyeing these two cherry recipes for a while. Please make them! 😁

8Track Sun 28-Jul-19 14:47:41

Ooh they sound delicious!! I've no cream though so think the custard is out.

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Ticklemeelmo Sun 28-Jul-19 16:00:26

I made these cherry and almond friands the other day (minus the basil) and they were so good. Looks like most of the ingredients in it are on your list

Stravapalava Sun 28-Jul-19 16:30:25

Clafoutis was going to be my suggestion.

Cherry & almond cupcakes?

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