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Milk & More problems

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RustyNail Thu 25-Jul-19 12:36:24

Started using this company to reduce our plastic usage. So far they have missed two out of three deliveries. Their web chat doesn't work, you can't email them and I've been on hold for ages now. Anyone else had problems with them?

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Angrymouse Thu 25-Jul-19 13:26:54

I have used them in the past.
The missed deliveries have happened to us during the summer holidays when the regular milkman is on holiday
The replacement either used to deliver to ours late ( and we had left for work by then only to come back home and find milk sitting outside) or they completely missed it!
When I called and complained they asked if I kept the milk that was delivered late to claim refund!!
Their customer service is usually hard to get hold of but they eventually do give the refund.

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