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Easy meals

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Lizzy96 Mon 13-May-19 23:11:29

Does anybody have any easy meal ideas. Feeling fed up of foods lately any help appreciated 😊

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 14-May-19 06:52:45

Super quick fish pie
Cheat’s toad in the hole with packet mix
This just takes a few minutes to prepare
Cheese, ham and chive pancakes with packet mix
I use a lot of packet couscous. Ainsley Harriett does a nice range with a lot of different flavours. It only takes about 15 minutes to soak in boiling water. We like the Mediterranean style with added cherry tomatoes and some feta cheese crumbled in. I also do the lemon and coriander one with a packet of cooked prawns or cooked chicken breast.
You can get ready-flavoured tins of tuna. In the summer I use these to quickly make a cold pasta salad or in the winter have them with jacket potatoes. Tesco does a good selection. I get the tin of tuna in a Mexican dressing and have it with Mexican microwave rice and sweetcorn for lunch.
Microwave rice is a God send. Stir in a spoon of cream cheese, some peas, chopped ham and a twist of pepper. I also tip microwave rice straight into deseeded red pepper halves, before topping with slices of mozzarella and popping in the oven for twenty minutes.
Microwave Heinz Mexican Beanz and have with taco shells (or a tortilla wrap), red peppers and lettuce. The Heinz lentil curry is also good
For another easy dish, use Heinz Creationz veg chilli and a tin of sweetcorn for nacho pie. Cover the beans and sweetcorn with chopped jalapeños, tortillas and grated cheese and cook for 15-20 mins.
Make a prawn noodle salad with a packet of cooked prawns, the noodles that you just have to soak in water and sweet chilli sauce.
There are some really quick gnocchi recipes This one is really good for leftover roast chicken.
This is my favourite gnocchi recipe

Lizzy96 Tue 14-May-19 11:25:44

Thank you so much 😁

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