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Help me use these ingredients!

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Winterfellismyhome Wed 24-Apr-19 09:42:45

Hi all,

Im sick of throwing food away so i have 1 leek, an auberine, some chesnut mushrooms, 3 courgettes, tenderstem broccoli and some spinach to use up. Is there a curry or soup recipe i could use? Any ideas welcome! Thank you smile

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AdaColeman Wed 24-Apr-19 09:58:00

Leek and aubergine cheese bake, you could put a layer of cooked sliced potatoes at the bottom or add pasta shapes to make it more substantial.

Courgette and pasta soup, very quick to make, use small pasta shapes such as shells.

Frittata made with broccoli & courgette.

Soup with broccoli, courgette & spinach.

Mushrooms and garlic on toast for a quick lunch.

Hazlenutpie Wed 24-Apr-19 10:03:22

Roast everything, except the spinach, in olive oil and black pepper. Throw on the spinach for the last few minutes. Easy.

jackparlabane Wed 24-Apr-19 10:27:26

Fry up everything except the spinach (the broccoli will need a couple minutes in the microwave first), add spinach at the last minute, and serve with rice or pasta. Could add half a can of tomatoes to the veg and simmer, some garlic, and herbs like thyme.

Winterfellismyhome Wed 24-Apr-19 14:04:05

Thank you!

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