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Rind on gammon hock

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shitwithsugaron Tue 23-Apr-19 11:31:52

I've got a gammon hock with the bone still in, rind on, and I'm after some ideas for what to do with it. There's only me, but it's a fair bit of meat so freezer friendly would be great.


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Blondie1984 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:50:10

Mix with potato to make fishcake style patties
Make stock with the bone - would make a delicious lentil and ham soup
Ham pie or pasties would be lovely

TheSandgroper Sat 27-Apr-19 11:33:37

Ham freezes very well. I do it every Christmas. I just hack into it to get manageable pieces and DH has given me a hacksaw blade for sawing the bone. Double wrap in foil, weigh and write on and freeze until later in the year.

When you take the rind off, cut it into pieces, freeze flat on a tray and then bag up. Add to stews and casseroles for an added flavour. Or use as a dog treat. Ddawgie loses her manners over ham.

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