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Six month old refusing vegetables

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Jella Sun 15-Jul-07 17:20:59

I started weaning by little boy 3 weeks ago and although he takes baby rice and fruit with great excitement he won't even open his mouth for any vegetables. Have tried carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, courgette and swede and he just turns his head, keeps his mouth firmly shut and gets very agitated. I try for about 15 minutes and then have to just give up. Has anyone had similiar experiences? Any advice would be fantastic. Many thanks.

MrsMarvel Sun 15-Jul-07 17:33:09

Whatever happens, don't get stressed, he'll pick up on it and never try again. Give up after a few tries, but don't stop offering the same food another time. It's only been three weeks...
Best luck

Pixiefish Sun 15-Jul-07 17:54:34

Have you tied giving him chip size pieces of steamed veg. Semi solid but not solid obviously. He may well love playing with it and munch a bit while he's at it. If you're interesed in that then do a search for BLW- Baby Led Weaning- on here

muppetgirl Sun 15-Jul-07 18:01:03

I started with banana/pureed apples/baby rice to establish the idea of taking a spoon, having textures in his mouth then progressed to savouries which he took fine. I also took my time in introducing 'new' food to him and if he didn't like it, calmly tke the food awat without making a fuss.

I went to parsnip then carrot as the parsnip is much sweeter.

This didn;t give him a sweet tooth, in fact he's rather a plate of sausage, mash and gravey! (He's 3.4 now and is a very good eater)

Others will give you advice also, the thing I found helpful was to listen to them all then have a go at the ones I thought suited my lo.
Good luck -here's where the fun starts!

LordPan Sun 15-Jul-07 18:09:04

It's a toughie isn't it!! Food is potentially such a battle ground, a place where little ones can exert their autonomy, regardless of whether they ACTUALLy dislike the food item.

What works with dd still is to smear it (still veg I'm afraid) in something they love(in this case pesto), and gradually smear it less over time. Worked for courgettes and carrots.

Stargazing Sun 15-Jul-07 19:54:06

you could try mixing the pureed veg into the baby rice maybe? Or sweetening veg like broc, courg etc with a bit of pear or apple?

Sixofone Mon 16-Jul-07 10:52:08

That is exactly what we did - apple/ pear, then fruit puree with a bit of veg puree mixed in, gradually fading down the fruit until all veg.

It's still early days though!

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