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Your favourite fish dishes

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Whitney168 Wed 16-Jan-19 15:47:46

I want to start cooking with fish more, but bar the relatively obvious pany frying/grilling/fish pie, I am not particularly practised at cooking it. Am going to attempt a fish curry tonight.

Will obviously have a browse online too, but has anyone got any favourite fish dishes they'd like to share, please?

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PinkGin24 Wed 16-Jan-19 16:34:43

Some of my favourites:

Salmon wrapped in parma ham with lentils and spinach and potatoes and then a creme fraiche sauce.

Cod with an olive and sundried tomatoe tapenade with green beans, potatoes and hollandaise sauce.

Smoked haddock with a poached egg, green beans and cauliflower cheese.

maxelly Wed 16-Jan-19 16:53:20

Ooo, so many, hard to pick my favourites!

Smoked mackerel (the kind that comes in a pack from the supermarket) with horseradish, mash and green veg, or with pesto and new potatos

Prawns in a stir fry, or with pasta and a creamy or tomato sauce. Or simply flash fried (shell on ideally) with garlic and lemon juice, with crusty bread to mop up the juices. Love prawns because they cook so quickly!

Moules marinere (surprisingly easy to make yourself or you can buy ready too cook from supermarket).

Sabzi pollo bah mahi (a Persian dish with grilled fish and herby rice, recipe here: )


Sea bass with pancetta (can omit if you want to reduce meat consumption) and sweet potato mash

Salmon en croute (I make a cheaty version using ready made pastry)

Salmon and brocoli quiche

Whitney168 Wed 16-Jan-19 16:57:00

Some great options there, thank you, will investigate further. Persian one looks fabulous.

(Do cook with prawns a lot, and smoked salmon come to that, but somehow I don't count them LOL.)

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maxelly Wed 16-Jan-19 16:58:32

Thought of a few more

Seafood risotto, sometimes just with prawns and sometimes with mixed seafood

Paella - I make this for my non seafood eating family members by cooking off some vegetables and onions, add the rice and the spice mix and add stock until cooked through. Then add cubed chorizo and cooked chicken for meat lovers to half the mix, and one of those packs of mixed cooked seafood to the other half for fish eaters. Not proper paella of course where everything should all cook together to mingle the flavours (wouldn't care to serve my version to a Spaniard) but we like it!

Graffitiqueen Wed 16-Jan-19 17:01:55

Seabass with a citrus and caper sauce.

Tuna or Salmon baked in the oven in a foil packet with Sainsbury’s frozen Mediterranean veg which is very quick and easy.

Whitney168 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:09:57

I do similar thing with prawns and chorizo, maxelly, plus prawn or smoked salmon risottos/pasta dishes. It seems to be lumps of fish I don't have automatic 'go to' dishes for.

Various things added to tomorrow's Tesco order to try some of these recommendations!

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Ricekrispie22 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:17:02

Tuna balls are really popular in my house and get requested most times a friend comes to tea. We usually have them with spaghetti Really cheap too
I love this recipe because it's so quick
Fish fajitas are also a hit with the DC
I also love a good kedgeree and I also used smoked haddock in this risotto
This gratin makes a change to fish pie

dameofdilemma Wed 16-Jan-19 17:45:34

Hake (or any other meaty fish) baked in a tomato and garlic sauce (basically tinned tomatoes simmered with garlic). Add basil at end. Olives optional. Serve with green veg and nice bread to mop up the sauce.

Sea bass or mackerel baked in foil with garlic and ginger (fried before hand), soy sauce and coriander. Serve with stir fried veg.

Whitney168 Wed 16-Jan-19 18:15:20

I used to do paper/foil parcels, had forgotten them - will definitely be giving that a go this week.

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Nnnnnineteen Wed 16-Jan-19 18:39:49

Nigella does a really lovely Thai curry with salmon and butternut squash and Pak choi. She also adds prawns, but I usually eave them out as it gets a bit expensive for a Tuesday night tea.

Whitney168 Wed 16-Jan-19 20:08:41

Fish curry was lovely tonight, definitely one to repeat.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 16-Jan-19 22:57:02

Mix curry paste with natural yoghurt, add cod fillets and allow to marinate for as long as pos.
Put fillets on a baking tray and spread the top of each fillet with mango chutney then bake in the oven.

Tuna, sweet potato and chilli fish cakes
Finely chop red onion and chilli, add to mashed sweet potato.
Mash tuna with vinegar and pepper and add to potato mix. Coat in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and bake.

TinklyLittleLaugh Fri 18-Jan-19 21:36:38

We like kedgeree; cook some rice with turmeric, a couple of hard boiled eggs, some peas and some smoked haddock. Make a paste of slow fried onions, garlic, ginger and curry powder. Combine everything, season and add juice of half a lemon.

Also a Mediterranean style fish stew with peppers, onions, fennel, paprika, cumin and a tin of tomatoes. Add white fish and a tin of butter beans. I sometimes add potatoes too.

saj90 Mon 21-Jan-19 17:30:13

I make my own sun-dried tomato pesto, mix it with crushed up crackers and spread it over white fish, then oven bake. Delicious with some samphire and new potatoes!

Fish tacos are really yummy too.

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Mon 21-Jan-19 17:41:03

Please could you share the salmon, lentil, spinach recipe pinkgin

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