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What can I serve with dirty rice?

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Sausagefingers9 Mon 17-Dec-18 17:16:50

I quite fancy making dirty rice tomorrow but am wondering what I could team it with. Any ideas?

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dancemom Mon 17-Dec-18 17:17:20


user1486250399 Mon 17-Dec-18 17:17:33

Pulled pork. Could have it in a burrito

Ffsnosexallowed Mon 17-Dec-18 17:17:58

What is dirty rice???!

kateandme Mon 17-Dec-18 17:22:50

blackened chicken
pico de gallo
roasted veggies.
some seasoned black beans, pinto beans, greens of some kind...
I have this saved as I thought it looked amazing

kateandme Mon 17-Dec-18 17:28:32

to search

For the album by Mad Caddies, see Dirty Rice (album).

A pork chop served atop dirty rice
Dirty rice is a traditional Creole dish made from white rice which gets a "dirty" color from being cooked with small pieces of pork, beef or chicken, green bell pepper, celery, and onion,[1] and spiced with cayenne and black pepper.[2] Parsley and chopped green onions are common garnishes. Dirty rice is most common in the Creole regions of southern Louisiana; however, it can also be found in other areas of the American South and referenced as chicken & rice or rice dressing

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