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Little (200/250ml?) cartons of UHT milk for school

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tumbleouttabed Tue 04-Dec-18 21:24:53

Hi, I'm looking for snack size milk cartons for my DD (aged 6) to take to school for break time that don't need to be refrigerated. She is missing the milk that was available in reception, and could do with the goodness in the milk at that time of day. She isn't keen on drinking water and I'm reluctant for her to have squash, and school doesn't encourage that anyway. No chocolate allowed, so chocolate flavoured drinks are out, and she doesn't like strawberry flavouring... I have tried Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys & Ocado, all to no avail. Dairy fine but open to non-dairy options too. If anyone has any suggestions on where I could get this (basically like a little carton of apple juice, but a milk based drink) that would be really helpful! Many thanks.

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MongerTruffle Tue 04-Dec-18 21:27:55

Do Milk and More delivery to you?

Bobbybobbins Tue 04-Dec-18 21:32:25

I think Morrison's do these?

Flipflop789 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:34:53

Alpro kids growing up milk in cartons i get them for my DS, dairy free, always found in sainsburys tesco or asda in the almond milk section

FantasticBadger Tue 04-Dec-18 21:43:45

See if school use Cool Milk for their supplies, you can sign up so your dd gets it as well as the younger kids.

tumbleouttabed Tue 04-Dec-18 21:48:29

Thanks - helpful suggestions!

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tumbleouttabed Tue 04-Dec-18 21:54:27

Sorted - Milk and More delivering the necessary later this week. Thank you again - the collective wisdom of Mumsnet has been a real help!

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graysor Wed 05-Dec-18 16:18:35

I have been struggling with this too!

It annoys me so much that you can easily get choc or flavoured milk in little cartons but not plain milk. It’d be so handy for lunch boxes / picnics.

I’m off to investigate milk and more now

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