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Panettone recipe

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longtompot Wed 28-Nov-18 23:35:09

Does anyone have a tried & tested recipe? I need to make one as ED is allergic to dairy and all shop bought ones have tons of butter in them.

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doubleshotespresso Wed 28-Nov-18 23:43:44

I do, hang on let me find it for you...

doubleshotespresso Wed 28-Nov-18 23:55:34

This obviously does have butter listed, but you could perhaps experiment with proportions of ingredients....

Hope this helps!

longtompot Thu 29-Nov-18 10:00:09

Thank you @doubleshotespresso I had found that one before (I remembered the hanging upsidedown to cool) but couldn't find it again. I shall give it a go! Any idea how long it lasts for, just so I can work out when I need to bake it?

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doubleshotespresso Thu 29-Nov-18 13:37:24

You're welcome! Hope it works for you well ;-)

Erm I am afraid it has always evaporated quite quickly within this household so no idea on shelf life. Always gone within 24 hours here!

I should imagine it would hold pretty well for a few days, i am reliably informed by my Italian friend that it holds better in baking parchment or waxy paper.

longtompot Thu 29-Nov-18 21:39:08

The ones I usually buy go very quickly too! I'll see if I can ge a large enough plastic bag to kee it in, like the bought ones, if only to keep it from drying out too much.
I'm excited to bake it now. I have my Kenwood chef all up and running and have been making lts of bread in prep. All the loaves have been well received so all beimg well this will too. I'll let you know how I go.

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longtompot Sat 15-Dec-18 11:10:34

Thankfully I checked the recipe this morning as it needs a sourdough starter which takes 5 days! I started mine this morning so should be ready to bake on Wednesday. I shall keep you updated...

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