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Family dinner ideas for fussy eaters

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Do1983 Sun 18-Nov-18 23:20:46

As the topic title suggests, I'm looking for some dinner ideas that we can eat as a whole family - but my two boys are pretty fussy eaters!

We've gotten into a bad habit of cooking dinner for the kids and then cooking again for the adults to eat. I'd like us to all eat together as a family but I struggle to come up with ideas because my kids won't eat the things we would.

Typically they will eat
Chicken nuggets

The youngest will eat Sunday dinner and fish (haddock or cod), the eldest would barely eat mash and chicken, never gravy!

I need some inspiration please🙏🏻

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 19-Nov-18 05:54:20

Toad in the hole
Chicken enchiladas
Cheese and tomato bread pudding
Cheese and tomato risotto
Bean crumble
Pizza omelette (I don't bother with the olives for my DC!)
Chicken pasta bake
Baked bean pie

whycantyouusethephone Mon 19-Nov-18 16:40:02

Sausages- sausage casserole? Toad in the hole? this sausage pasta bake?

Pasta and Bolognese seem to be on the menu- lasagna? Not just a beef lasagne, but veg lasagne, chicken and mushroom etc?

With carbonara , could you use cream and bacon to make a potato bake? Served with broccoli etc?

I know it's a cliched answer but fajitas/ wraps / mezze type meals go down well with my fussy eater- she can choose what she likes whilst the rest of us have some of everything

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