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Please help! Low effort meals for a fussy DS?

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Chocolateismyvice Thu 27-Sep-18 09:29:20

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and struggling already with tiredness/nausea. I also have a 19 month old DS. I have zero motivation to cook at the moment but obviously DS needs feeding.

Problem is, he is also going through a fussy stage.
Won't eat anything like cottage pie, stirfries, soup, casserole. He also doesn't like eggs or rice. He also won't touch toddler ready meals.

Things he will eat:
Homemade pizza
Fish fingers (homemade or frozen)
Chicken goujons (make my own)
Fish cakes
Chips (homemade or frozen)
Pasta with tomato sauce (always add lots of hidden veg)
Toasted sandwiches
Spaghetti Bolognese
Beans and/or cheese on toast
Macaroni cheese

He's always been a good water until the last few months. But at the moment, I just haven't got the energy to cook.

Any suggestions what low effort meals my DS is likely to eat?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 27-Sep-18 17:15:19

hot dogs
these with some chips and beans
these are meant for breakfast but if you serve them with fruit and yogurt they will be fine for dinner

all the best x

Ricekrispie22 Thu 27-Sep-18 19:03:57

Toad in the hole with packet mix
Cheese and sweetcorn pancakes
Enchiladas made with a kit
Cheat's sausage rolls
Ham and cheese crepes
Pastry pockets

kateandme Thu 27-Sep-18 23:56:50

use the spag bol mince: on jackets.with wedges.into a pasta bake with added cheese sauce.(like a lasagne but less faff)in wraps and rolled topped with cheese baked.on between two wraps put in griddle pan to make toastie.
add salmon to bottom of mac and cheese.
pasta bakes
goujon wraps.
pasta with tomato sauce in a bake
pasta tomato sauce with added meatballs.
does he like those baguettes eith plain or garlic bread style.take ur bolognase mince and top with the baguettes and bake great version instead of shepard pie with mash.
if he likes chips could you chop potatos into chip like chunks and top ur mince.
if he like the pasta and sauce would he like those filled tortilini you get in packet.that is such a quick meal to boil them and top with sauce or pesto
pizza pasta.just put all the flavour and topping of his pizza into pasta
muffin pizza.
tortilla wrap pizza.
chilli in pittas.
chilli topped with doritos and then cheese.grill til melty.
do NOT give up trying with food you think one week he hates.they change their minds within a day sometimes!

kateandme Fri 28-Sep-18 00:02:45

always try and have a veg or salad as an option with ur/on the table.
ask him to help stir.then ask him to "taste to see if chef thinks it needs anything else" really encouraged our to feel important and want to have it for her meal.
ask him to pick what for tea.

CherryPavlova Fri 28-Sep-18 00:09:17

My older ones lived on plain boiled pasta, cucumber, carrot, pepper and cherry tomatoes with some grated cheddar or ham for about five months with each further pregnancy. Cooking just wasn’t possible as so horribly sick.
They didn’t mind and survived. I honk you need not fret too much about food when you’re feeling under the weather. Better a mother in a reasonable mood than a huge variety of meals.

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