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Gluten free bread/savoury baking - Recipe books please?

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Rednaxela Mon 03-Sep-18 19:11:32

I have Cake Angels gluten free cakes recipe book and it is amazing. Every recipe I've tried comes out well.

Now I want to succeed at savoury baking. Pizza bases, bread, crumpets... but all the Doves Farm recipes I've tried have been very disappointing. Is there a gluten free bread baking book that will give me the moist and tasty results I dream of?!

My mum has the Paul Hollywood baking books which look amazing but don't think I will be able to just swap the flour sad


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howtomoveforwardnow Tue 04-Sep-18 00:39:03

Following along as I'm looking for similar. One thing I have found is a gluten free sourdough fb group which has some amazing recipes.

Blondie1984 Tue 04-Sep-18 01:29:29

Phil Vickery's Essential Gluten Free is very good and has a range of recipes including pizza, bread, cakes and lots of other things

cowslipandcamomile Tue 04-Sep-18 16:00:01

I have had success with the recipes on the Gluten Free on a Shoestring blog (both savoury & sweet). I haven't bought any of her books, but she has several including one on bread:

Most of the recipes call for a mix of flours and my results haven't been as good when I do a straight swap with Doves Farm flour. Loads of the recipes are online, however, if you want to try before you buy! Not savoury, but her waffles recipe is spot on. I made them for a friend's wedding brunch and no one even realised they were gluten free.

Something I've found helpful is buying xanthan gum separately & adding it, rather than using a blend that contains gums. That usually gives me better results than using self-raising gf flour.

Rednaxela Tue 04-Sep-18 20:04:14

@Blondie1984 Will check out Phil Vickery ta!

@cowslipandcamomile Have done a couple from the shoestring blog too, meals rather than baking though. Will have a closer look. Have got xanthan gum for the Cake Angels recipes. Add it to the Doves farm flour. It is a game changer!

I guess in theory nothing is stopping me from making my own flour blend, if I could order online? I just didn't want the hassle of storing it all. Small kitchen!

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