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Roasted chicken and veg

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LostInTranslation1 Mon 27-Aug-18 09:02:25

Hi all.

I'm not the most creative cook in he world. We live in a a cycle of the same dishes!

Anyway... today I am thinking of roasting some chicken breast with some peppers, courgettes etc (simple I know!)

But I'm not sure what to serve with. Rice? Potatoes?

What sauce??

Any other suggestions would be lovely!

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LostInTranslation1 Mon 27-Aug-18 09:31:37


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peachypetite Mon 27-Aug-18 09:33:55

Roasted chicken breast?

PenelopeFlintstone Mon 27-Aug-18 09:39:37

Put the halved potatoes in the oven and then add the rest after half an hour. Cover with foil after you add the second lot of things so the chicken doesn't dry out.

RingwoodRose Mon 27-Aug-18 09:55:45

How about a tray bake including some potatoes? Chop everything into bite size pieces, mix up in a big bowl with oil, seasoning and herbs, spread out on a baking tray and put in oven for about half an hour on 170. I would add onions and garlic too.

LostInTranslation1 Mon 27-Aug-18 09:59:25

I like the sound of that!

What about a sauce?

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RingwoodRose Mon 27-Aug-18 10:10:21

I don't think you need a sauce personally, maybe some mayo?

liquidrevolution Mon 27-Aug-18 10:15:30

If you add halved tomatoes it creates a kind of sauce so not too dry. I often drizzle a bit if pesto over when serving.

LostInTranslation1 Mon 27-Aug-18 10:18:40

I suppose the oil etc would do!

Thank you - I'm so novice at cooking 🙈

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gingercat02 Mon 27-Aug-18 10:30:40

Google Jamie Oliver tray bake. He has a million variations. I do chicken, whatever veg there is in the fridge (and onion), wedges of potato, good splosh of olive oil and mixed herrbs

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 27-Aug-18 13:41:05

Alternatively you could Dust chicken with paprika and thread on to skewers with veg. Use potatoes to make a potato salad

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