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Wagamama style wok fried greens

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ElizabethinherGermanGarden Tue 21-Aug-18 17:54:36

Does anyone have a rough recipe for this?

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Xiaoxiong Thu 23-Aug-18 16:53:48

I had this for lunch today! For me it was a little sweet so I would guess they may have used sweetened soy sauce, but you can just stir a bit of sugar into soy before dressing.

I would chop up greens into chopstick-able pieces - kale, pak Choi, tenderstem, chard, spring greens, beet tops, whatever. Then in a hot wok or frying pan, fry two cloves sliced garlic in hot veg oil (not olive!), add greens, stir fry till wilted. Dress the hot greens to taste with soya sauce (bit of sugar if you want it), sesame oil, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

LosingNemo Thu 23-Aug-18 16:56:44

I love the Wagamama greens. I’ve used this recipe before (sorry if not clicky link) which was good but not quite perfect

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Fri 24-Aug-18 20:04:15

Thank you both - I used that recipe from Rhian and then adapted to what I had in the house (basically nothing in the recipe!). I can report that olive oil, garlic, soy sauce and pomegranate molasses work pretty well if you haven't got the right things in the house.

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