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How much would you pay for cupcakes?

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CatBingo Tue 03-Jul-18 21:46:27

DD (15) has been asked to make some cupcakes for a birthday party. She is a very competent baker but not a professional, but this is the first time she's been asked formally to make some and been offered money. She has designed and ordered bespoke cupcake toppers, and co-ordinated cake cases. They will look and taste fantastic. Each cake will cost her 67p to make. She needs to provide 40 cakes.

What should she charge?

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Tobuyornot99 Tue 03-Jul-18 21:59:08

Possibly £1.20 per cake?

Knittedfairies Tue 03-Jul-18 22:00:22

There are various sites on the web that may help, e.g.

Blondie1984 Wed 04-Jul-18 01:18:57

For me it would very much depend on how they look - if they were really beautifully iced (don't think I've ever seen toppers on cupcakes - that's more fairy cakes) - then I would pay up to £1.50

Is there a bakery near you? If so then it might be worth her popping in and seeing how much they charge for something that is similar to what she intends to make

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