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Meal planning

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lastqueenofscotland Fri 25-May-18 15:09:09

Who’s done theirs?

Tonight/tomorrow is just whatever!

Sunday: likely left over curry and rice
Monday: courgette and mozzarella bake
Tuesday: pasta with pesto, sundried tomato, olives. And some green veg on the side
Wednesday: lentil and veg chilli
Thursday: white bean stew and ciabatta
Friday: Wedges and salsa

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Icklepickle101 Sat 26-May-18 13:10:29

I’ve just sat down to do ours!

I like the sound of courgette and mozzarella bake. Do you have a recipe?

PurpleDaisies Sat 26-May-18 13:17:24

Here’s mine...
Sat : white chilli (one of my favourites )
Sun : veggie sausage and mash
Mon : tofu stir fry with noodles
Tues : spinach and coconut dahl
Weds : spicy tomato pasta with roast Mediterranean veg
Thurs : out
Fri : vegetable fajitas with guacamole

lastqueenofscotland Sat 26-May-18 17:01:08

Ickle it’s the able and Cole one smile

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Xiaoxiong Sat 26-May-18 19:32:00

We're away for half term but self catering so I'm trying to plan things that I can make in mass quantities for unadventurous extended family in an under stocked holiday let!! (I always do the cooking so I can escape to the kitchen, and don't have to wash up...)

Sun: roast pork, apple sauce, roasties, spring greens
Mon: crab linguini
Tues: butter bean stew with avocado, feta and tortilla chips
Weds: orecchiette with white wine, sausage and broccoli
Thurs: chicken, chorizo & potato tray bake, garlic bread, salad
Fri: I will insist on dinner out, or a takeaway!!!

Butternutsqoosh Sat 26-May-18 19:48:01

Just about to do mine.....🤔

DeliveredByKiki Mon 28-May-18 06:02:22

Yay there you are! Need some inspiration this week

Monday: vegan burger for vegans and pulled pork for omnis, green bean and potato salad, grilled mushrooms, grilled aubergine, corn on the Cobb
Tuesday: dirty midnight chips at the local after the cinema
Wednesday: spaghetti squash with pesto and broccoli
Thursday: dunno yet, need to use up all perishables before we go away for the weekend. Craving Cajun rice with tempeh
Friday/Saturday: camping with a big group of friends so imagine bbq stuff
Sunday: Thai takeaway to pick up on the way home!

DeliveredByKiki Mon 28-May-18 06:03:40

purpledaisies just looked at your white chilli recipe - it looks lush! Might make that Thursday

Babybearsporij Mon 28-May-18 07:08:21

Purple that white chilli looks amazing!

It's DC1's birthday today so we'll be eating MIL's homemade authentic Greek spanakopitta with salads & things made by me and my attempt at a unicorn cake (white chocolate & fudge flavour) for pudding.

Turkey meatballs & homemade baked beans
homemade vegetable burgers & tomato salsa
lentil, roasted carrot & feta salad
pork roast
five spice beef & sugar snap noodles
brunswick stew

user1471435140 Mon 28-May-18 17:11:06

We’ve just done ours too (fun Bank Holiday activities...)

Mon- Enchiladas
Tues- We’re out so something quick on the way home
Weds- Freezer tea (waiting for the delivery)
Thurs- Leek linguine with spiced butter
Fri- Chorizo burgers
Sat- Tikka Massala
Sun- MILs for a roast!

BiddyPop Mon 28-May-18 17:13:55

Mon - M&S Curry feast
Tues - HM Lasagne
Wed - Bacon and cabbage
Thurs - no idea yet, raid the fridge for leftovers ideas
Fri - visiting friends

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 28-May-18 17:22:51

We're going away, so I haven't done a plan.

Yesterday was Greek butter beans with tzatziki and pita bread

Tonight will be pancakes with Greek yoghurt, berries and honey (pudding for tea!) in order to use stuff up

PurpleDaisies - I've been meaning to make that white chilli for ages. You've inspired me to add it to the list for next week. smile

lastqueenofscotland Fri 01-Jun-18 09:11:01

Tonight is wedges and red pepper and lentil dip
I’m away for the next two days
Monday: squash, spinach and feta filo parcels
Tuesday: risotto with goats cheese, peas, broadbeans and pesto
Wednesday: chickpea and spinach curry
Thursday: white bean salad with cherry tomato courgette and feta

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Nodancingshoes Fri 01-Jun-18 12:09:37

Just done mine and shopped for it
Fri - sausage pasta bake
Sat - chicken salad
Sun - beef stew in giant yorkshires
Mon - chicken jambalaya
Tues - chilli nachos
Wed - beef and mozzarella pasta bake
Thurs - chicken casserole and mash

DeliveredByKiki Mon 04-Jun-18 15:55:01

I think this week is going to look like:

Monday: mushroom and lentil spag bog
Tuesday: instapot lasagne soup
Wednesday: I’m out so DC can have old faithful pasta pesto
Thursday: deciding between the white chilli and build your own salad bar (it’s a lot of legumes this week if we do the chilli!)
Friday: sausage hot pot (got these AMAZING vegan sausages, don’t want to do potatoes, anyone got a good review of idea fornsausages that’s a bit summery?!)

BiddyPop Tue 05-Jun-18 09:38:16

Sunday we BBQ'd - steak and chicken wings, with some roasted baby potatoes and BBQ'd veggies.
Yesterday, we had bacon and cabbage with mashed potato.
Tonight is chicken enchiladas
Tomorrow is mushroom risotto
Thursday: DD is pasta bake, while I am lamb chop, cauliflower cheese and leftover mash
Friday - no clue yet, possibly takeaway of some sort or a BBQ

I am trying to use up odds and sods from the freezer, and the older jars from the cupboards. Slowly getting there. But it's a challenge to get DH and DD to accept some things in the heat.

bestbefore Tue 05-Jun-18 09:49:07

So wish my ds would try some of these things! He is so fussy....

DeliveredByKiki Tue 05-Jun-18 14:59:01

bestbefore my DD doesn’t eat half the interesting stuff I make. I don’t fight it - she gets a little to try and if she insists she doesn’t like it she gets bread and butter, sardines and frozen peas!

bestbefore Tue 05-Jun-18 18:11:08

I am inspired to try some new variations this week; he is 12 and it's so depressing planning everything around what he will eat/ won't eat! I have tried so hard!!

DeliveredByKiki Wed 06-Jun-18 07:22:12

I feel your pain bestbefore I tried the Getting the Little Blighters to Eat book on DD and it did work for a while, also doing gardening class finally encouraged her to try veggies (her teacher was a forager more than a gardner!) but now I just do mostly meals I know she'll eat and then don't bother suiting her and giving her the basic nutrients in the food she'll eat....DS will at least try everything!

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 08-Jun-18 12:25:51

I've just done one for the first time in ages.
Fri-Quiche and salad
Sat-pizza (just me at home)
Sun-Scampi, chips and mushy peas
Mon- Mushroom stroganoff
Tues-Belly pork roast
Weds-Chicken Katsu

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Jun-18 12:47:27

I’m really excited about mine this week grin
Tonight: likely a supermarket sandwich or similar (less excited about this)
Tomorrow: mushroom, chickpea and spinach stroganoff with rice
Sunday: out for a big pub late lunch/early dinner in a posh part of town
Monday: olive, sundried tomato and feta salad
Tuesday: spicy bean puff pastry slices
Wednesday: white bean and leek gratin and ciabatta
Thursday: potato, courgette and mozzarella fritters with cherry tomato, rocket and mozzarella salad
Friday: lentil spaghetti bolognese

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theunsure Fri 08-Jun-18 12:56:01

Tonight - supermarket "takeaway" curry with samosa's and pakoras
Saturday - Quiche and salad for lunch and pork schnitzel with new pots and broccoli for dinner or proper german hot dogs with onion rings. Not decided yet - depends how piggy we feel.
Sunday - roast chicken with roast veg for lunch and Mac & Cheee for supper
Monday - leftover chicken with jacket pots and veg or salad

Then whatever I can grab in the co-op for Tues & Weds. Online delivery for Thurs.

TheMagicTorch Fri 08-Jun-18 12:58:56

Trying to get back on track with the diet this week so just done our week's meal plan for the first time in a while!
Tonight: grocery shopping then honey BBQ chicken
Sat: family around for tea so pulled pork with buns & chips
Sun: cobblestone beef
Mon: Spaghetti & meatballs
Tues: Fajita chicken in lettuce "wraps"
Wed: Hunters Chicken
Thur "Big Mac In a Bowl" SW Recipe & weigh in!

TheMagicTorch Fri 08-Jun-18 12:59:40

@IHaveBrilloHair Love Katsu Chicken, might have to put that on next week's menu!

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