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Fussy Eater Cookbook

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ChilliCheeseMama Thu 15-Mar-18 09:00:09

Hello! I'm looking for a cook book that I can give as a gift to someone who is quite a fussy eater, who is just starting to cook for themselves and try new things.

They don't like much spice or certain 'exotic' flavours like ones found in Asian food or where a lot of seasoning is used.

I'm finding it really hard to find a book that isn't aimed at children or that says 'fussy' on the front, ideally I don't want to offend them 😂

Looking for something that has nice traditional recipes mixed with new ones, the person I'm buying for has recently been trying things like risotto, mild chilli con carne and usually enjoys 'traditional meals' like shepherds pie, lasagna and things like chops and vegetables. I'd like to avoid a book aimed at a specific style of cooking or cuisine, rather one from a chef that makes things inspired by different places maybe, with some more 'normal' recipes thrown in.

Please hit me with some recommendations!

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Invisimamma Thu 15-Mar-18 09:11:42

My mum got me a good student cook book before I left for uni, would that be an option? It had simple stuff like roast chicken, spaghetti Bol, stir fry etc with some more adventurous recipes (which I never made but they looked good). Sorry I don’t remember the title.

Or what about Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient meals book?

whatareyoueatingNOW Thu 15-Mar-18 09:44:37

Nigel Slaters eat. Lots of recipes , all with variations to allow for different tastes, and skew toward traditional British. It's also full of serves 2 recipes- based on the op I'm guessing that this person is t going to be cooking for a full family and so a lot of recipe cooks would involve the need to scale down recipes which could be off putting?

Other traditional types with some more adventurous recipes are hairy bikers mums know best, Diana Henry simple, Nigella express, rick steins coast to coast, Rachel Allen's family favourites( these are the cookbooks my dh feels "safe" cooking from. Reliably good and easy to make food)

ChilliCheeseMama Thu 15-Mar-18 10:50:43

Thanks guys I will check these out! It's funny because it's actually for my dad, he's off work for an extended length of time so is cooking all family meals for him and his partner/her children and they are a little bit fussy when it comes to certain foods as a family!

My dad is also an awful cook so I wanted my stepmum to have a few new tasty things to try haha x

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