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Fresh or frozen scallops?

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Stillmonday Wed 31-Jan-18 06:30:58

I'm doing scallops as a starter on Sunday but the only time I can get my shopping is Thursday.

Do you think fresh scallops will keep until then? Or should I buy frozen? I've never use frozen before so but worried about buying them in case they aren't as nice?

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TeddyIsaHe Wed 31-Jan-18 08:17:50

I would buy fresh scallops and freeze the yourself. Already frozen ones have a totally bizarre texture and taste horrible! They have none of that lovely sweetness. Home freezing fresh ones means you know there’s not added water or anything to make them weigh more.

moochypooch Wed 31-Jan-18 08:51:00

But be careful you are not buying previously frozen scallops.

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