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Marmalade hasn’t set- can I reboil

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strawberriesandcream23 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:20:24


Advice needed! I have made some marmalade to give as xmas present and followed the recipe however it hasn’t set. I Jarred it yesterday thinking it would set like Jam but it hasn’t. I’ve read similar post which say to reboil it but can I after it’s been jarred for 24 hours? I would resterlised th jars etc but not sure if I should do this at this stage. Any advice would be amazing!!!


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4merlyknownasSHD Tue 14-Nov-17 11:23:31

There should be no problem at all. Did you check its setting on a cold plate with your finger?

strawberriesandcream23 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:44:06

Thanks for your reply. Yea I did and it was a little bit sticky but thinking about it now not that sticky. I think I was get impatient! I will give it a reboil and hope for the best smile

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Footle Wed 15-Nov-17 17:39:37

Did you put some lemon juice in? That should help too.

Ifailed Wed 15-Nov-17 17:46:35

where are you getting seville oranges from at this time of year?

Nightmanagerfan Wed 15-Nov-17 18:04:46

Yes where did you buy Sevilles?!

tilligan Wed 15-Nov-17 18:06:36

Yes, reboil.
I did this last year, was all perfectly fine and yummy!

strawberriesandcream23 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:52:37

Thanks everyone. Didn’t use Seville’s , found a recipe with normal oranges , grapefruit and lemons. I reboiled and it worked! Although it’s much darker than yesterday but it tasted ok!

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