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Worth trying this bake for a birthday?

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seevs94 Thu 07-Sep-17 15:04:03

I came across this handy guide that has some of the recent recipes (and costs, which is great as I'm on a budget atm!) from the new Bake Off series, and it has the recipe for one of the biscuit board game challenges.

Iwould LOVE to bake this for a loved one's bday, BUT I've never baked anything this complex or of this scale- can any bake enthusiasts on here recommend if it's worth me trying this, esp since I'm only an occasional baker.

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indigo13 Fri 08-Sep-17 08:39:30

What an interesting website! Personally I think the biscuit board games are nigh on impossible to get as neat as I'd like them but if that doesn't bother you then go for it, it'll be fun!

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