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I have in my cupboards

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WomanEmpire Sun 03-Sep-17 23:16:47

Lots of unexpected outgoings this month and really need a few meal ideas to get us through until Wednesday!
Feeding 3 adults, a 4 year old and a baby, I have:

6 small potatoes
6 red onions
A 1/4 block of mature cheddar
1/4 of blue cheese
1/2 mozarella
Green beans
1 Apple
Tomato purée
A bit of pesto

1 haddock fillet
Frozen peas and sweet corn
Frozen carrots
2 goats cheese and onion tarts
Peanut butter ice cream

Cous cous
Bread flour
Plain flour
Veggie oxo cubes
Baking powder
Risotto rice (but not loads)
Basmati rice
Most of the usual herbs
Wholemeal pasta
Stuffing mix
Bread sauce powder
Flaked almonds
Dedicated coconut
Jelly cubes

I have about £4 that I can spend on other ingredients.

Any ideas? smile

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FannyFanakapan Sun 03-Sep-17 23:36:15

lots to make from that.....chowder with the haddock, potatoes, corn. Serve with crusty bread.

cheesy pasta with brocolli and pesto.

tarts with cous cous, made up with sultanas and flaked almonds.

my mum used to make us mixed veggies with a cheesy sauce, covered in a breadcrumb and cheese topping, baked in the oven until crispy.

FlukeSkyeRunner Mon 04-Sep-17 07:08:40

Good ideas from fannyfanakapan. Also you could use the bread flour, yeast, an onion, herbs, tom puree and mozzarella to make a pizza, include any vegetables you're not using for anything else. If you have plenty of bread flour make lots of bread rolls/sultana bread as that is quite filling.

Eggs are a cheap and nutritious form of protein, you could buy some and use as boiled eggs to include in a fish pie with your haddock, bread sauce mix (our make white sauce), veggies and potatoes. If you have milk you could also make Yorkshire puddings to bulk out meals.

Value tinned sardines are good to make a cheap pasta sauce with your tomato puree (or a tin of cheap tomatoes) and herbs.

If you buy a packet of oats (Asda smart price oats are less than £1 for a kilo) you can make heaps of porridge/flapjacks which will fill you up for breakfast.

everythingstaken123 Tue 05-Sep-17 23:22:36

Big pasta bake - fry up veggies, add a tin of tomato soup (cheap to buy) chuck in with pasta, grate cheese on top.

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