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Help please with recipies!

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FirstTimer07 Tue 29-Aug-17 18:23:48

Hi everyone,
I've come to ask for help! I have a toddler and a dh who loves their food but I'm struggling. Not with actual cooking but just knowing WHAT to cook. I've been looking for a basic family cookbook but can't seem to find one that I like. So I was wondering if you lovely people could all give me your fail safe recipies that you cook for your family. And the healthier (and cheaper) the better! If you could just give me a couple of recipies then I can google the method!
Thank you so much! X

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Spanneroo Tue 29-Aug-17 19:08:00

Go to Amazon now and buy the Mumsnet cook book. It is by far the most useful one I've ever owned. Just fabulous.

Other than recipes in there, we also regularly do Mary Berry's Penang chicken, carbonara and (my favourite) parsnip and honey casserole:

Brown some skinless, boneless chicken thighs, set aside and add a chopped onion and a bit of garlic. Fry for a few minutes until soft.
Add to the onions 400ml of chicken stock, 2 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp whole grain mustard. Add about 4 parsnips (sliced long ways) and the chicken. Cover and simmer for between 30 and 69 minutes (depending on how gooey you like your parsnips mmmmmmm).
Serve with whatever you fancy -we usually do green beans/broccoli and potatoes/rice

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