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Absinthe and Chocolate

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Ceic Wed 23-Aug-17 11:22:31

I've been asked to make some Steampunk-themed sweet treats. After looking into what flavours would fit, I've come up with Absinthe truffles. Problem is, I've never tried Absinthe before.

Which Absinthe goes well with dark chocolate? Which is a good quality brand of Absinthe?

I'm doing to dip them too. I'd like to give the chocolate a green shimmer. Lustre powder and rejuvenator? Spray from a bottle?

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Weedsnseeds1 Mon 28-Aug-17 10:33:45

Absinthe tastes like a cross between cough medicine and aniseed, so I would go with plain chocolate.
It's pretty niche and expensive, so you probably won't have much choice over brand.
It makes a great " Death in the Afternoon" cocktail mixed with champagne!

Ceic Fri 01-Sep-17 13:55:13

Thanks Weedsnseeds1. My recipe calls for a dark chocolate and I use a 70% one.

Regarding which brands - I think I'll use La Fee or Pernod Absinthe. They seem to be the ones you'd expect to find in a well-stocked bar.

Absinthe seems to be like gin and whisky - lots to try, once you start!

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Weedsnseeds1 Fri 01-Sep-17 17:35:36

I think you're most likely to get hold of la Fee.
Your article lists a lot of brands, but you don't see it for sale that often ( unless you buy on line). Absinthe chocolates sound amazing, hope the event goes well.
I think a pearlised lustre powder would look great if you can get quite a bright, emerald green!

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 01-Sep-17 17:37:07

P.s. I saw a mini octopus shaped ice cube tray for sale somewhere recently. If you could use something like that to mould them it would be perfect!

Ceic Sun 01-Oct-17 13:36:49

Thanks Weeds. It went really well - I got the Pernod Absinthe and it tasted amazing in the truffles! Think I will have to make them again.

An octopus ice cube tray sounds cool - I'll try and get one anyway.

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Weedsnseeds1 Sun 01-Oct-17 14:16:20

They look fabulous!

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