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DeliveredByKiki Sun 13-Aug-17 17:19:25

Finally home after 6weeks away, DC start back to school on Tuesday, we are broke and fat and need to get back on the meal planning train but after so long of not having to think about it I'm stumped beyond me pasta pesto - what's everyone cooking this week?

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OffcialMalbecTaster Sun 13-Aug-17 17:39:38

My new trick is to pick a cookbook and then pick my meals that way. This week's book is a slimming world one and we've gone with:
- lamb & mixed greens stir fry
- chicken piccata with cavalo nero
- chicken & bacon risotto
- spag bol florentine

Friday night is dinner out as its payday smile

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 14-Aug-17 20:07:34

I'm trying to use up stuff from the freezer.
This week we are havung/have had
Veggie pakora wraps
Noodle bowls
Chicken korma w rest of the pakora and spicy rice
Belly pork w cauli cheese and green veg
Liver and bacon with mash
Jools pg pasta
Creamy veg soup with hot gammon rolls.

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