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Foil baking trays for traybake

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PETRONELLAS Tue 18-Apr-17 12:53:59

I'm planning to take a few traybakes as pre-funeral food to help out. What's the situation with those foil baking trays? Will I need to cook for shorter time? Should I line them? I'm using MarsLady's lemon drizzle and a Mary Berry coffee and walnut but any recommendations welcome!

usernumbernine Tue 18-Apr-17 12:56:25

Oh I'm disappointed. sad I'm originally from Northern Ireland and that's not what we mean by a traybake. I thought this was going to be about fifteens and mars bar bites and chocolate malteser bars.

usernumbernine Tue 18-Apr-17 12:58:23

I'm sorry for your loss flowers and it was terribly rude of me not to say that in my first post.

beepbeep Tue 18-Apr-17 13:00:35

use them just like you would a normal baking tray, so line and same cooking time.

PETRONELLAS Tue 18-Apr-17 13:19:26

Do not worry User! I think you're technically right but loads of chefs now do recipes for one layer of sponge and a topping of icing. Rocky Road etc lives on! What's a chocolate maltesers bar?

usernumbernine Tue 18-Apr-17 13:31:29

Malteser tray bake - we always added loads of melted chocolate on top

PETRONELLAS Tue 18-Apr-17 13:40:35

Wow thanks. And to Beep for help.

usernumbernine Tue 18-Apr-17 13:43:58

Malteser tray bake is incredibly addictive and has a million calories per square.

Sgtmajormummy Tue 18-Apr-17 13:48:25

Definitely line them with baking paper if you're going to use a sharp knife. Double protection and no foil cutting "cringe".

I use Lidl foil baking trays at Christmas and they're resistant enough but I use a rack under them for anything liquid just in case they warp as I take them out of the oven.

usernumbernine Tue 18-Apr-17 13:51:15

What about that Release foil with the silicon or whatever it is on it that doesnt' stick would it be any use?

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