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Collective yogurt?

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hellokittymania Fri 31-Mar-17 01:10:27

Has anybody else recently seen these at Tesco and found them absolutely amazing? I love them. I have only seen Scott is raspberry and passion fruit though, are there other flavors? I found them at mini Tesco. Is there a wider variety at other supermarkets?

ChessieFL Fri 31-Mar-17 05:28:45

In our local Asda there are loads. You can regularly get blueberry, mango and fudge flavours then they do limited editions - ones I've seen recently include apple and blackberry, raspberry trifle, rhubarb and lemongrass.

They are delicious!!

hellokittymania Fri 31-Mar-17 05:55:09

Fudge, I will have to look out for these at Asda them. Sainsbury do a rhubarb and custard yogurt by Yeo Valley which is delicious so I will look for the collective one.

HeadDreamer Fri 31-Mar-17 05:58:49

There is a coffee one too.

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