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Can you cook steaks in an oven?

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PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 04:18:53

I've done sausages in the past, they tend to go dry.

Open plan here, I did steaks in a frypan, hot and fast last night, extractor hood on, the hot fat smell still lingers, although cleaned up straight away. There was a fat haze round the cooker. It's annoying me.

How can I avoid the smell?

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 28-Dec-16 04:23:24

BBQ? Not the oven. Bleugh.

Do you oil the steak, not the pan? That helps with the fat smell.

BradleyPooper Wed 28-Dec-16 04:23:49

You won't get the colour (which equals flavor) on steaks cooked in the oven. You could sear them very high in a pan and then transfer them to the oven if you wanted to reduce time spent frying....

We are also open plan but in Texas so steaks are always on the grill (BBQ) here.....

N0tfinished Wed 28-Dec-16 04:25:43

I brown them in the pan - hot about 3 mins per side then finish in low (100 degrees) oven. When you stick your pan on, put a plate in your preheated oven to warm up. Always works well, about 20 mins for medium

Not 100% solution but reduces time in pan.

user1477282676 Wed 28-Dec-16 04:31:56

Put some cinnamon, some water and a spoon of butter in a saucepan OP....heat it up and simmer it for a while. It will eradicate the nasty smell and you'll be left with a nice baking type smell.

acornsandnuts Wed 28-Dec-16 04:32:42

My 1980s sandwich toaster. Best steaks ever. Heat it up and pop them in for 3 minutes. One of those George Foreman grills would do the same.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 04:35:09

20 minutes? For a steak? I do 1 min each side!

I may look round for a George Formby or similar; but do they get hot enough?

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 28-Dec-16 04:41:34

I was going to come an here and give some shit around. I saw 'cinnamon' and was ready to kick arse. Fortunately there's nothing to see here.

I'm with you what 20 minutes is too long. I have the martini theory of steaks; heat pan to surface of the sun, get steak, introduce them for a nanosecond, throw pan away.

We have a George grill. It's shit and still smells.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Dec-16 04:47:21

Am I going to have to build a BBQ shed in the garden?

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 28-Dec-16 04:59:13


In Canada it's a sign of Canadianness to BBQ outside in the driving rain/six feet of snow. If you're British a shed might be acceptable. But only just.

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