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Can someone talk to me about pans?

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PutDownThatLaptop Mon 17-Oct-16 16:26:09

I'm looking for the Holy Grail of pans. Something that is dishwasher safe, lasts for ages and does not stick. Do they exist? I have a gas hob.

meatloaf Mon 17-Oct-16 17:16:52

I have Stellar pans. Had them for years - over 10.

All are still brilliant. Dishwasher safe. Gas hob fine and great for heat distribution.

Not non-stick pans. But they don't stick! I dont think you need non stick pans, only frying pans.

Look like this

Apart from frying pans. Frying pans seem to only last a couple of years so I get cheap ones from Ikea now.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 17-Oct-16 17:18:57

Stellar pans last forever. Much cheaper bought on line.

PutDownThatLaptop Mon 17-Oct-16 18:24:56

I bought stellar stainless steel after a recommendation and those pans are great for boiling vegetables/pasta/rice in water but other food will stick to them as no non stick coating. Do they make non stick as well and has anybody tried these?

PutDownThatLaptop Mon 17-Oct-16 20:18:17

Just had a browse and have found Stellar, but with a non stick coating. Think I will go with them. Can anyone tell me what Le Creuset are like for sticking?

Statelychangers Tue 18-Oct-16 23:12:30

My Le Creuset non stick failed me as have many others. Have now got a enamelled non stick from John Lewis - only use it for medium heat and bought a cast iron pan for frying meat st high temps - apparently high heats are the enemies of non stick.

PutDownThatLaptop Wed 19-Oct-16 01:12:52

Enamelled non stick? Don't think I've ever had one of those.

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Wed 19-Oct-16 01:29:08

Get pans with a heavy base, they're less likely to burn food.

sh700 Wed 19-Oct-16 01:56:18

I've got stainless steel Le Creuset and love them. Nearly 5 years old and look like new.

Statelychangers Wed 19-Oct-16 07:35:16

I agree my stainless steel Le creuset have been brilliant but the non stick pan lost it's surface just like the others.
After trying loads of the top end pans I settled on buying The pan by John Lewis it's cheap and the non stick isn't too bad - replaceable....but I now have induction and it doesn't work on that. This is the one, I have kept the receipt, I'm cooking lower temps on it and I will return it if it does not perform.

YelloDraw Wed 19-Oct-16 16:36:57

I think good quality stainless steal set, and then one cheap non stick pan you can replace is a good approach.

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