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What can I do with a coconut?

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seimum Mon 08-Aug-16 22:24:11

DS was running the coconut shy at the church fete. I had a go and won a coconut. Now what do I do with it?

DS was astounded that people would pay money to win coconuts - so I now have to do something with my winnings. Any ideas?

cdtaylornats Mon 08-Aug-16 22:50:10

Carefully open it and put the liquid in a bowl, chop up the white meat and put it in the bowl with the liquid. Keep in the fridge and eat as nibbles.

1frenchfoodie Tue 09-Aug-16 13:22:04

Open, remove brown bit on outside of white then grate and freeze to use in curries. Best to open freeze then pop into a bag so you are not trying to chop bits off a solid block when you come to use it. You can blitz with water then drain to make your own coconut milk. There are cakes out there using fresh coconut too, I've never made on though.

Allalonenow Tue 09-Aug-16 13:26:15

Hang it in the garden for the birds to enjoy.

PinkyPlumet Tue 09-Aug-16 13:57:55

Make some coconut Chips!

BirdintheWings Tue 09-Aug-16 14:05:33

Saw carefully in half and use to make clopping noises?

seimum Wed 10-Aug-16 13:44:20

Thanks for all the suggestions

MidnightVelvettheSixth Wed 10-Aug-16 13:48:06

Ah I remember what to do from my 1970's childhood!

You need to send your father into the garage for a drill, he will then carefully drill a hole in the coconut. You then pour the liquid into glasses, one for each of you & you then can all try the coconut milk, spit it out & loudly proclaim that its disgusting. You then try to get all the white inside out but can't, then throw it in the bin & buy sensible fruit thereafter.

YelloDraw Wed 10-Aug-16 16:08:57

It is easier to get the flesh out if you smash it into small pieces (after you have removed milk first).

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