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Dairy hating children...

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waitingforsomething Mon 20-Jun-16 02:26:36

I seem to be the mother of a dairy hating 11month old. This is new to me because my first DC was (and still is age 3.5) a big fan of milk. He drinks next to nothing out of a bottle or a cup except water, is resistant to yoghurt and refuses to be spoon fed any milk-laden cereal, prefering it dry.
He does eat cheddar cheese in sauces and by itself so this is something, and I am aware of broccoli/salmon being calcium rich and he eats both of these.
I am interested in parents of dairy intolerant or dairy disliking children and what dairy products they do enjoy or where you sneak it in?

LBOCS2 Mon 20-Jun-16 23:09:38

I was a dairy hating child! From the point I could make my preferences known. Turns out I'm mildly intolerant, but I also hate them.

Mostly I disguise the flavour and that helps a lot. If I make a white sauce I do it with half milk, half water. Mild cheese only - mozzarella is fine, cheddar isn't. Ice cream, custard, cheap yoghurt is ok. Whipped cream, cheesecake, butter in anything (mashed potato, sandwiches) isn't.

It all affects my stomach though ;)

haggard1 Mon 20-Jun-16 23:38:53

Rice milk, almond milk, soya puddings and yogurt are sweet. DS has always preferred dry cereal wink

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