How long do you cook mushrooms in the microwave for?

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compo Tue 16-Jan-07 18:57:54

I can't remember. They are just to go on the plate witrh dinner, not to go in anything like a curry iyswim

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SoupDragon Tue 16-Jan-07 18:58:22

Don't they go rubbery???

compo Tue 16-Jan-07 18:59:16

Not usually, I do them with butter and they taste nice (not as nice as fried but still ok)!!

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DizzyBint Tue 16-Jan-07 19:01:00

maybe grill them instead?

compo Tue 16-Jan-07 19:03:37

nobody else does this then?

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Twiglett Tue 16-Jan-07 19:04:48

slice em .. put worcestershire sauce on them .. cover em and about a minute .. then stir and see if they need a bit more

really depends on quantity

I do this sometimes for breakfast - mushrooms on toast with lots of black pepper

Bubble99 Tue 16-Jan-07 19:06:57

You microwave mushrooms?

Hang your head in shame.

You're the sort of person who feeds their child non-organis pasties. And I wish to have nothing to do with you, madam.


Twiglett Tue 16-Jan-07 19:09:01


BernieBear Tue 16-Jan-07 20:10:49

Hello, my name is BernieBear and I too microwave mushrooms (for frequent snacks!) I usually bung them in a bowl, a little bit of water, cover and then 2-3 minutes in a microwave. Bloody lovely.

Some people love chocolate, I happen to snack on microwaved mushrooms (it's quicker and less to wash up than grilling or frying). oh I also love anchovies and olives. Pregnancy changed me

BernieBear Tue 16-Jan-07 20:12:03

That first bit was in an AA stylie by the way. Also I am not pregnant now (my ds is 2.9) but the taste buds never actually returned to normal, nor did my boobs for that matter!

WideWebWitch Tue 16-Jan-07 20:12:26

Eww at the thought of microwaved mushrooms, aren't they horrible? (says she, who's never tried it!)

DizzyBint Tue 16-Jan-07 20:14:58

i imagine they go rubbery and watery, yak.

i do love grilled mushrooms on ciabatta with pesto and mozzarella

suzycreamcheese Tue 16-Jan-07 20:20:07

have never microwaved a mushroom, what does it go like?
fry in butter / olive oil; grill maybe
love mushrooms
had matzetaki mushroom tea once too

suzycreamcheese Tue 16-Jan-07 20:20:47

compo like the name..

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