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Lamb in ginger beer?

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ASmallHenInItsLateForties Fri 25-Mar-16 12:16:10

I'm trying to be open minded about this, even though some of those Sainsburys twists sound crazy.

Anyone tried it?

dudsville Fri 25-Mar-16 12:17:56

It looked odd to me too!

ASmallHenInItsLateForties Fri 25-Mar-16 12:20:27

I've never thought of lamb and ginger as something that'd go together. But then I guess I would never have tried ham in Coke but it's ok.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 25-Mar-16 12:22:32

It sounds disgusting

bruffin Fri 25-Mar-16 12:36:33

I have made ham in ginger beer and it is better than coke. But not sure about lamb

ASmallHenInItsLateForties Fri 25-Mar-16 12:41:01

Sounds all wrong doesn't it? confused Perhaps I'll give it a miss.

PhoenixReisling Fri 25-Mar-16 15:33:39

It might very well taste quite nice.

In moccrocan and Indian food they tend to use ginger with lamb.

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