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What can I make with green lentils?

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ml4104 Sun 28-Feb-16 14:56:13

I've got green lentils, frozen white fish, penne, spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, passata, chickpeas, kidney beans, fajita wraps, loads of herbs and spices...
I don't have any onions, carrots, potatoes, meat.
Any idea what I could make with these ingredients? I'd like to try and use up these green lentils.

ItIsHowItIsx Sun 28-Feb-16 15:16:15

Just cook the lentils in salt water, season with a bit of pepper and olive oil and they taste delicious and fresh just like that. White fish baked in the oven with topping (spicy if possible) using the tomatoes or passata. Have you got rice? The green lentils go really well with plain white (basmati rice). This is something I cook quite often. Lentils, fish, rice.

DarkBlueEyes Sun 28-Feb-16 15:19:13

Boil the lentils with water and a stock cube. Saute some bacon and onions, add the cooked lentils and some chicken stock so it's loose but not soup like, season with herbs. Pan fry the fish and serve on top. Also is great with chorizo instead of bacon. yum

DarkBlueEyes Sun 28-Feb-16 15:42:16

Add a finely diced carrot and some celery to that too when you saute the onions.

SushiAndTheBanshees Sun 28-Feb-16 15:45:27

Poach the White fish in the passata (add garlic, herbs, seasoning etc). Boil up the lentils (got any chicken stock?), serve on top of lentils.

ml4104 Sun 28-Feb-16 15:47:22

I do have some white fish and rice so will definitely give this a go :-)

ItIsHowItIsx Sun 28-Feb-16 16:02:20

Let us know if you like the lentils.

Izlet Sun 28-Feb-16 16:11:22

Don't cook the lentils is salt water or stock cube, add those later. They will cook quicker without and you won,t risk getting hard skins. Boil them up with a couple of bay leaves and/or a clove or two of garlic then salt them once cooked.

I sometimes just do that then season with salt, olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice, or else I sauté them with some onion and garlic, then add red wine and reduce down, add herbes de Provence and water just enough to cover the lentils by about 1cm then leave to cook covered for around 15 mins. Uncover, add salt or stock to taste and simmer gently until the water disappears.

ml4104 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:07:54

Thank you all, I'm cooking this as we speak.

So far I'm poaching the 3 pieces of white fish in the passata (I used two 330ml boxes), I'm going to do this for 15 minutes and then see if the fish will break up. I've used some version of herbes de Provence - .5tsp thyme, sage, rosemary and .25 oregano with .5 garlic granules and .5 onion granules. I haven't seasoned yet.
The green lentils are from a tin, I've drained them and will heat for 5 minutes with 100ml of chicken stock and a bayleaf.
I took some photos

Thanks Izlet, SushiandtheBanshees, ItIsHowItIsx, DarkBlueEyes :D

Time to start cooking the lentils now smile

ml4104 Sun 28-Feb-16 20:23:07

It turned out ok, the lentils were a little soft, I could have used half the amount of passata, perhaps another piece of fish and twice as much herbs. If I made it again I'd probably cook some pasta to go with it too. I took some more photos:

Thanks again

ItIsHowItIsx Tue 01-Mar-16 09:54:42

Have a go next time at cooking dried green lentils. It is really easy and I promise you they are delicious.

ItIsHowItIsx Tue 01-Mar-16 09:55:53

Looks great.

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