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How long do brownies keep?

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GloGirl Tue 26-Jan-16 12:23:02

Made some today and realised I have a few people round on Sunday. If I stored them in a tin would they keep till then? In a lock and lock box in the fridge?

By rights I know I should just eat them and that if you can bear it they taste better after a few days but wasn't sure if Tues>Sun was too long.

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 26-Jan-16 12:28:22

They don't tend to hand around long here, but if I do want to keep them they freeze very well.

GloGirl Tue 26-Jan-16 14:01:50

Ooh, do they go a bit soft when you defrost them? Just leave them out at room temperature?

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 26-Jan-16 14:18:50

Yes, just leave them at room temperature, I don't think they go softer, but we tend to make ours fairly squidgy anyway.

GloGirl Tue 26-Jan-16 16:07:27

I've just tried one. It was nice, but not Wow. I wont keep them for Sunday!

AlisonWunderland Tue 26-Jan-16 16:13:21

About three hours in my experience!

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