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low carb vegan/veggie recipes

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Itscurtainsforyou Mon 04-Jan-16 16:32:54

I would like us all to eat less meat, but am a bit stuck as many non-meat dishes seem to include plenty of bread/pasta/rice/potatoes, which tend to make me ill.

I'm also wary about eating too much cheese!

I found a great recipe last year (roast butternut squash with cranberries, chestnuts, etc ink{\]]h} - are there any other similar recipes I could try?

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Mon 04-Jan-16 16:57:29

You could try substitutes - spiralised courgettes for spaghetti, cauliflower rice, zero noodles, sweet potatoes?

Alternatively, lentil bakes and stews are good, veg and chickpea casserole, veggie or bean burgers (I always have without the bun), dhal? Also hearty soups like ribollita, minestrone, borscht, tomato and lentil.

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Mon 04-Jan-16 16:58:29

That squash recipe looks nice BTW, have you tried it without cheese?

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 04-Jan-16 17:43:16

The squash recipe could easily be done without cheese I reckon. I'll try it!

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