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Best simple breakfast ideas

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stoopstofolly Thu 22-Oct-15 11:51:51

I need some ideas for breakfasts for 2 DC (9 and 5). We leave the house at 8.00 so it needs to be something that we can make really quickly. They're bored of porridge and weetabix, but I find all other cereals seem to have too much sugar in.....
Any obvious suggestions I'm missing? Anything I could prepare the night before and reaheat?
Suggestions gratefully received!

HelenF35 Thu 22-Oct-15 11:57:36

Omelettes, only take a few mins to make.

Dancingqueen17 Thu 22-Oct-15 12:26:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Thu 22-Oct-15 12:29:12

Cheese and mushroom croissants. Prep them the day before and heat them in the oven for a few minutes.

Sweet or savoury muffins

maitaimojito Thu 22-Oct-15 12:35:26

Peanut butter on toast or bagel.

Boiled eggs can be cooked in about 5 minutes.

Highlove Thu 22-Oct-15 13:03:26

Bircher muesli - you make it the night before and just serve in the morning. See recipe on a separate thread entitled bircher muesli recipe!

stoopstofolly Thu 22-Oct-15 15:10:49

Thank you! Some good thoughts, especially things like beans that I have firmly in my head for "lunch"!
I am putting DD (age 9, nearly 10) in charge of breakfast- it might be time to look at expanding her cooking repertoire! She can already do scrambled eggs so it's not that much of a stretch to an

MilkyChops Thu 22-Oct-15 19:40:46

Bagel with cream cheese. Greek yogurt and strawberries. Rice crispies aren't sugary are they? Egg on toast. Beans on toast.

toffeeboffin Wed 28-Oct-15 23:54:58

How about banana bread? Made with sultanas, walnuts if they like them. Serve with a yogurt. BB is also great toasted if it's a bit stale.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 29-Oct-15 12:13:27

If man could live by bagel and cream cheese alone I would.

Pancakes are easy and the batter keeps for a good few days if you made a batch.

Destinysdaughter Mon 02-Nov-15 19:45:06

You can cook sausages the night before and reheat in microwave. Toasted sausage sarnies, yum!

Mummyoftwo91 Tue 03-Nov-15 12:22:23 These are too die for big hit with my family, I leave the chillies out for the kids, tens to make them the night before

adriennewillfly Wed 04-Nov-15 01:02:03

Scrambled egg done in the microwave?

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