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Choking on finger food

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Tillysmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 10:08:57

My dd is 8 months and she has two bottom teeth and is just cutting two top teeth although they are not fully down yet as well as it seems some molars as she's always shoving her hand into the back of her mouth ! Poor girl.
Anyway, I have been giving her finger food for a while, especially as I want her to be a bit flexible about what she eats on holiday. She happily munches on banana, bread (pizza base if out for lunch !), breadsticks, cucumber, chicken etc. Can anyone suggest any other good things.

Yesterday I gave her some cooked carrot and she seemed to take such a big chunk but not chew it as she had done previously and she proceeded to gag. My mum happened to have her on her lap so she hit her hard and the piece of carrot dislodged.

I know she needs finger food to develop but it doesn't half frighten me. If she was to really choke how do I get it out ? Hit her hard on the back and turn her upside down ? I know that you are not supposed to put your finger in to try and hook it out. Any tips anyone can share with me ?

emmagee Tue 30-Apr-02 10:58:31

My 10 month old keeps doing this with apple which he loves so I am loathe to stop giving it. I think you should keep going under supervision, maybe cook the carrot 'til it's really soft. If they really are choking rather than gagging then a sharp slap on the back, or finger into mouth works well for me. If that doesn't work my Great Ormond street book says lie them face down on your knees and 'pat' their back firmly and if that doesn't work then 'heimlick' (spelling!) manoevre using four fingers rather than whole hands.

Tillysmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 11:03:53

It's so frightening isn't it. I don't know about the Heimlick manoeuvre. What is that ?

Marina Tue 30-Apr-02 11:24:19

Luckily we've never had this situation, but even a few coughs make you terrified, don't they.
I think though you are not meant to do a Heimlich manoeuvre on a child under one, possibly because their ribcages aren't strong enough. I think you place them tummy side down, head lowest on your outstretched arm, and pat their backs. As far as I recall that is what it says in my BMA Children's Medical Guide, by Dr Bernard Valman. I'd really recommend it to anyone. I think it is about to be replaced by When Your Child is Ill, same author, same publisher (Dorling Kindersley), but the original formula is so successful I am sure the new book will be an improvement on the last one.

pamina Tue 30-Apr-02 13:37:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tillysmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 14:39:51

Hi Pamina

I wish I could give her cheese but I try and avoid because of her eczema. Have you got any other ideas ?

pamina Wed 01-May-02 20:50:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Wed 01-May-02 20:54:50

tillysmummy, dd loved long softish slithers of avocado at that age (still does!) which didn't seem to lodge anywhere, just disintegrate. also squidges nicely through fingers.

bloss Thu 02-May-02 04:07:59

Message withdrawn

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