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Am i starving my baby?

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fee77 Fri 07-May-04 09:42:16

i met up with some other mums yesterday and we were comparing what our litle darlings ate. It seems i am feeding DD much less than the others. Here is a typical day
6.00 6oz milk
9.30 1/2 weetabix
12.30 i/2 jar food, yoghurt, juice or water
5.00 1/2 jar food, 1/2 rusk
7.30 6oz milk
She sometimes has a 4oz bottle mid afternoon, but usually is asleep. She is 7mths next week, is usually happy, and sleeps through the night.
Should i feed her more? Should i start waking her for more bottles? I haven't had her weighed for a couple of weeks so i am not sure about her weight gain, also the HV are pretty useless so i don't want another contradicting lecture from them! Help, i feel like a bad mother!

toddlerbob Fri 07-May-04 09:45:38

I have no idea about formula quantities, but the food sounds about what I gave my ds at that age in quantity. I think sometimes other people say how much they offer and neglect to mention how much they throw away.

fee77 Fri 07-May-04 09:58:45

Exactly - DD rarely brings up any food, and never really cries to be fed - she is an angel! And obviously if she seems to want more i give it to her.

toddlerbob Fri 07-May-04 10:01:18

I have just read your potty training thread, I think some of your mum friends may be a little prone to exaggeration (or complete lack of reality).

fee77 Fri 07-May-04 10:05:09

yeah - i always swore i wouldn't let others pressurize me, but ithink they got to me yesterday! They are great friends, but i think i'll stick to what i am doing, dd is happy and i am more than happy, if a little in secure at times! Isn't mumsnet a god send, i am sure i would go mad if it weren't for the "real" people out there!

toddlerbob Fri 07-May-04 10:13:25

I had a lady in my mum and baby group who used to drive me mad with her competitive nature. Now I just find her extremely funny, but then I am getting a little more sleep these days. I find the mother's who put down their kids all the time much more draining.

LIZS Fri 07-May-04 10:17:03

Wouldn't worry too much and after 6 months my kids were lucky to get weighed again until a year if then !! I'm sure if she were hungry she'd let you know. Probably she'll need more when she becomes more mobile.

kiwisbird Fri 07-May-04 10:17:28

if her gain remains steady then she is prob fine, the yoghurt has replaced her mid day milk, but it might be worth offering more milk as it still the main source of nutients, but then some babies do not need much, mine didn't had 3- 4 4oz bottle a day if lucky!
ry not to obsess too much, look at your daughter, if she is active, happy and sleeps well, then I can't expect there is a problem, you cna't force feed babies after all!

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