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Introducing Eggs

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Tillysmummy Tue 16-Apr-02 15:03:12

Has anyone got any tips / advice on how to introduce eggs. I have heard that you are supposed to do the yolk first and then the white. Anyone got any ideas of recipes incorporating this.

Rhubarb Tue 16-Apr-02 15:10:36

Dunno about that Tillysmummy. I used to try giving dd eggs from around 6 months, usually scrambled but she hated them. Then when she was 14 months old her grandma had some chickens that started laying and dd was fascinated, she started eating them then and now it is her favourite dish! I have never heard of anything like separating the yolk before, if I were you I would just try a dish of scrambled egg, and if she doesn't like it, try incorporating it with mash and beans until she gets used to the taste.

Tillysmummy Tue 16-Apr-02 15:15:11

Hi Rhubard

My nanny said that you should do yoke first because apparently they can have severe reactions to the white ? Never heard of it myself either. Maybe I'll scramble just yoke and then if that's ok do yoke and white and then I'll know.

leese Tue 16-Apr-02 18:53:50

Hi Tillysmummy - never heard about the separation thing - I started giving dd eggs from about 7mths. She wasn't keen on scrambled, so I made a kedgeree - piece of boneless fish poached in milk and water, with rice, peas and eggs all mixed up - her absolute fave!

Art Tue 16-Apr-02 19:26:58

Hi, Tillysmummy.

GF suggests yolk first - hardboiled (I suppose cos of salmonella worry) at 8-9mths adn then introduce the white from 9 months. She doesnt say why, maybe its a common allergy food?

What about a baked egg custard just using the yolk? Or bread fingers dipped in egg and then fried?

wmf Tue 16-Apr-02 20:23:31

eggwhite is a common allergy food, even my mum's old Dr Spock from the 60s says to give yolks first, but to hold off on whites until 10 or 12 months at least.

you can use just yolk in almost any recipe that calls for eggs. eggybread is a good finger food and can be done sweet or savoury.

bayleaf Wed 17-Apr-02 12:57:28

Have you considered doing a skin test first ( I'm up on this as dd is dairy allergic) - separate the white and yolk and separately dip a finger in one - rub in a circle for a few seconds on dd or ds's back - then do the other one in another part of the back - wash hands obviously between rubbings! - and then a third one, the same thing with water. Wait 8-10 minutes. A child who is allergic is very likely to have a red patch - often with little white hives. A non result does not absolutely mean there is no allergy - but it's very unlikley that there is a severe one.

Tillysmummy Wed 17-Apr-02 15:06:40

That's a good idea Bayleaf, thanks.

Rkayne Thu 18-Apr-02 13:19:33

It's the egg whites that some people are allergic to and they don't recommend giving them to children under 10/12 months or so. However, if there's no history (either family history or baby's history specifically) of food allergies it's unlikely to cause a problem.

My dad, a paediatrician, advised me to wait until dd was about 1 year old and then try scrambled eggs, which she now loves.

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