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Tips for really soft cakes?

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ks Tue 20-Apr-04 19:51:34

Message withdrawn

prettycandles Tue 20-Apr-04 21:12:28

Have you tried different butters or margarines, or combinations of both? The sort of fat you use can make an enormous difference. It's generally assumed that butter is the best but, other than that cakes made with butter keep better than those made with margarine, butter may not always be the ideal fat.

Is your fat at room temperature?

Are you doing a classic sponge? (for each egg use 2oz fat, 2oz sugar, 2oz flour) A Madeira cake recipe might give you the consistency you're looking for.

I always add a generous splash of *good* vanilla essence (the expensive sort, not the plasticky stuff in little bottles at the supermarket). It gives a marvellous smell and really enhances the cake's flavour.

prufrock Tue 20-Apr-04 21:19:04

Oh my God - it's happened. She's turned into a pod person
<prufrock runs away screaming in horror at the realisation that it's only a matter of time before it happens to her too>

prettycandles Tue 20-Apr-04 21:44:59

I'll just take off my frilly pinny and slip on a nice nylon housecoat before I bring dh his pipe and slippers.

Now then, do tell me dear, what's a pod person?

Twink Tue 20-Apr-04 21:46:34

Agree with both prettycandles & prufrock here...

As a forced migrant from deepest Sheffield into western Home Counties I reckon I can get away with it though.

To be a fully qualified pod sponge maker you need the vanilla from Lakeland

twiglett Tue 20-Apr-04 21:48:35

message withdrawn

KatieMac Tue 20-Apr-04 22:30:31

I prefer a fatless (whisked)sponge - they don't keep very well but a choc swiss roll with fresh cream or a sandwich with homemade s/b jam (I'm in heaven just thinking about it)

Sad isn't it.

3 eggs
3oz caster sugar
3oz SR flour
and a tablespoon of hot water (or veg oil if your feeling wicked)
Vanilla essence

israel Tue 20-Apr-04 22:36:58

IMHO...sit on um

ks Tue 20-Apr-04 22:51:38

Message withdrawn

florenceuk Wed 21-Apr-04 10:15:29

My mum has a fantastic recipe for a light but rich sponge-like cake that uses seven eggs!! It is really yummy - I will dig it out.

prettycandles Wed 21-Apr-04 13:54:09

Mmmmmmm, ginger, yes I've been doing that recently with preserved ginger. And then I mix some of the syrup with mascarpone and use that instead of buttercream.

I don't *think* I'm a pod-person (just a frustrated cake-maker) as I live in London and don't actually possess a frilly pinny, but if dh gets his way we'll be moving to Berkshire some time this a market they do a Berkshire Award?

katierocket Wed 21-Apr-04 14:00:48

add a splash of milk to mixture - makes it less *dry*

ks Wed 21-Apr-04 14:06:03

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 21-Apr-04 14:09:09

Message withdrawn

prettycandles Wed 21-Apr-04 14:25:56

I shall try that (the grated ginger). I've got this marvellous cardamom extract that I found in a little Lebanese shop, and it goes brilliantly with vanilla and with ginger, so that'll be going into the mixture as well.

I wasn't in the City, but I was in Publishing - do I still qualify?

prufrock Wed 21-Apr-04 15:30:09

Nope - sorry prettycandles you can't possible be a pod person if you still live inside the M25. (My original remark was directed at ks) Of course once you move to Berkshire it sounds as if you will make the grade pretty quickly. I have realised that my lack of blonde hair will be a faily large obstacle. And with my pale skin and lack eyebrows I can't really dye it. an a brunette ever be a true podperson, or will I forever be a fake.....

ks Wed 21-Apr-04 17:15:47

Message withdrawn

florenceuk Wed 21-Apr-04 21:58:41

Seven egg sponge:

7 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
7 tbs oil
3 tbs water/orange juice

Beat egg whites and sugar until fluffy. Mix oil and egg yolks together (don't beat, just gently stir), add water/OJ. Add to egg whites. Then add flour. Cook at 150C until top is brown and risen. You need a v large ring pan for this amount of eggs - which I don't have. I tried cutting it down as follows:

4 eggs
3/4c flour
3/4c sugar
5 tbs oil
4 ds water/oj

which was almost too much for a 25cm ring pan - a slightly larger one would be perfect.

Have no idea where this recipe came from but it tastes fantastic.

prettycandles Thu 22-Apr-04 20:20:56

I can't imagine it - the proportions are so unusual. Therefore must try it! Will a very deep ring-pan do, or does it have to be a very wide one. In fact, does it have to be a ring-pan? Also, are you sure about 150C, or have you already reduced it for a fan oven?

florenceuk Fri 23-Apr-04 09:39:55

My mum uses a big deep ring pan. I just used an ordinary 25cm ring pan but the cake went right to the top so it was a bit small even in cut down version. Re 150C I have fan oven, but don't know what it would be on ordinary oven - Mum just told me that cakes worked better on a lower heat - I just kept poking at it until it looked like it was cooked! This is definitely one to experiment with I think.

ks Fri 23-Apr-04 12:40:03

Message withdrawn

Codswallop Fri 23-Apr-04 12:45:39

ks you have gone mad!

ks Fri 23-Apr-04 12:48:35

Message withdrawn

Codswallop Fri 23-Apr-04 12:50:44

will dss lok at it and say " but Iwanted spiderman"?

ks Fri 23-Apr-04 13:01:51

Message withdrawn

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