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Reducing stock

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SaucyMare Sun 11-Jan-15 21:27:39

Can i reduce stock or am i just boiling away all the flavour.
Can i get it to a really reduced thing that needs re hydrating like the little knorr pots?
My freezer is overflowing trying to fit it in somehow...

julie81 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:09:35

I do after taking the bones out and freeze in ice cube trays, then put in a bag. As I understand it the more you reduce the stronger the flavour, but remember reading to do it after made as in taken out bones and anything else you may have in it. Works for me.

julie81 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:15:29

Also I just remembered i read this a few months ago but have not tried

Eeek Sun 11-Jan-15 22:20:09

You're boiling of the water not the flavour, it should taste stronger as it concentrates. Of you chill it and it doesn't turn to a solid jelly, boil it some more!

SaucyMare Sun 11-Jan-15 23:29:35

Thanks i reduced it to half as had to do other stuff.

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