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Weird food combinations

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ShakeyPushDown Thu 27-Nov-14 13:28:43

So a colleague is trying to convince me that STILTON sprinkled over COCO POPS is delicious. I can't decide if he's pulling my leg or not.

Has anyone tried this?

Hoppinggreen Thu 27-Nov-14 14:22:26

Leg pull I would say

AnotherGirlsParadise Sun 30-Nov-14 13:48:27

Maybe Stilton sprinkled with dry Coco Pops could be nice (interesting textural contrast with a bit of added sweetness), but with milky Coco Pops? That's just sick and wrong.

I can't say anything though - I like Marmite and KitKat sandwiches grin

Germgirl Sun 30-Nov-14 13:52:11

Heston had a blue cheese pate thingy on one of his programmes, he served it on a chocolate digestive. So blue cheese & chocolate is apparently a thing.
Not sure I'd try it though.

Allalonenow Sun 30-Nov-14 13:56:48

Plain chocolate digestive with blue cheese has been around as a combination for years, and is a favourite of mine.

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