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Slow cookers and germs

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TheAlias Wed 19-Nov-14 12:20:02

If you put dinner in the slowcooker straight from the fridge, it takes ages to come up to temperature. Isn't that a bad thing - the reason you mustn't put frozen chicken in the oven?

dreamingofsun Wed 19-Nov-14 13:55:53

i thought the reason you shouldn't put frozen chicken in oven was that the outside cooks but not the middle as it takes too long to defrost and then cook. thats why you can take frozen chicken nuggets and put them in the oven because they are so small they cook through.

i'm no expert. all i know is that i've been using a slow cooker for nearly 30 years (same one in fact) on average once a week and never had food poisoning. maybe because once its hot it cooks the food and therefore kills germs

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Wed 19-Nov-14 14:00:59

It is recommended that large quantities of meat (roasts, mince, steak etc) is left on the side to get to room temperature before cooking it. I think the time is for 20 minutes for slow cooker amount, but large quantities might need longer.

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