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So I roasted a butternut what?

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WalkTheLime Mon 23-Jun-14 16:26:13

I was going to mix it with potato for a Shepherd's pie topping but would quite like to do something different.

Does anyone have any lovely recipes that call for squishy roasted butternut squash?

7Days Mon 23-Jun-14 16:27:37

goats cheese
toasted seeds
roasted bns

or serve with lamb chops & harrissa with or without cous cous

or blitz into soup

todayisnottheday Mon 23-Jun-14 16:28:39

Serve it sliced with honey butter and a little cinnamon sprinkled over [yum]

Marrow Mon 23-Jun-14 16:32:32

Gnocchi, roasted butternut squash, spinach (just let it wilt over warm gnocchi) goats' cheese and lots of black pepper. Delicious!

YouMakeMeHappy Mon 23-Jun-14 16:36:19

Mash and add Dried chilli, sage or thyme, butter and strong cheddar.

You can use as pasta sauce (dada a bit of cream to loosen it)
Or tortellini filling, or just as a side.
It's so lovely

YouMakeMeHappy Mon 23-Jun-14 16:38:08

Thought of another I had as a stater on holiday.

Cut into chunks and served with crumbled blue cheese, fresh thyme and roast pecans on top. And some warm fancy bread on the side. And loads of peppery olive oil on top.

WalkTheLime Mon 23-Jun-14 16:39:04

Yum! Thank you for the lovely ideas.

elenasalvatore Mon 23-Jun-14 16:39:30

Serve as a salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes and a bit of rocket.

YouMakeMeHappy Mon 23-Jun-14 16:41:30

Sorry, one more, I've seen jamie oliver do to on the tv, but haven't tried it yet. It looks simple and tasty, but a bit fancy too. I've non idea how to link sorry, but google this if you are interested

Squash and spinach pasta rotolo

Eastpoint Mon 23-Jun-14 17:07:58

Add it to chicken or shrimp risotto

mrsnec Mon 23-Jun-14 17:14:48

If you haven't seasoned it you can put it in cakes. Can't link here but there's a Simon rimmer recipe on the good food websites for banana, pecan and butternut squash loaf and its really nice.

Ememem84 Mon 23-Jun-14 17:30:29

I second rotolo. It's bloody delicious. But a bit tricky to make. Use fresh lasagne. That's where I failed as only had dry.

WalkTheLime Mon 23-Jun-14 18:13:17

Rotolo does sound amazing. That's one to try next time. Have made what you suggested YouMakeMeHappy with cream as a pasta sauce. Looking forward to getting the kids in bed so I can tuck in!

CheeseandGherkins Mon 23-Jun-14 18:14:22

Fill it with cauliflower cheese and bake some more. Had it at a restaurant once and it was amazing! Served with roast potatoes and veg. I really fancy it now!

CheeseandGherkins Mon 23-Jun-14 18:14:59

Well it was halved, not a whole one. If that makes sense.

Lunaballoon Tue 24-Jun-14 06:26:49

Another recommendation for JO's rotolo. A big favourite in our house!

YouMakeMeHappy Tue 24-Jun-14 06:43:55

Oh you made it! Was it nice? You added the other stuff aswell as cream right?

HolgerDanske Tue 24-Jun-14 06:45:12

Lamb and butternut squash is a lovely, lovely combination.

So hungry.

WalkTheLime Tue 24-Jun-14 16:34:50

YouMakeMeHappy...made it but couldn't eat it because I was fasting yesterday!

Planning to warm up and add the cream tonight. Only have my younger, non-fussy DCs for tea tonight so will try them with it too!

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