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Change of lifestyle diet.

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Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sat 15-Mar-14 12:55:09

OK, DH has just had a endoscopy and a colonoscopy and they've found he has a serious issue with his stomach, the sphincter muscle at the top is wide open and they may have to operate in the future. He's got lots of stomach ulcers, has a H Pylori infection. Has weird nodules as well. Waiting to find out if any of the biopsies bring back cancer, history in the family.

Now what I need is ideas for food that the whole family can eat for dinner that will help DH.

Also what can I prepare for him for breakfast and lunch? We are up and about at 5.30 and leave for work at 7am but he hates eating that early and then doesn't have time to eat at work, then quite often he will miss lunch as he doesn't have time and then grabs a pot noodle or nothing again. Which isn't good. So I need to get him eating in the mornings.

He is also fussy. He doesn't like the same thing every day. Doesn't like cereal, sandwiches etc. Can't eat things that will get in his teeth.

So where do I start in changing his diet? Obviously the first thing is for him to realise he needs to eat proper meals and at least three a day.

mrspremise Sat 15-Mar-14 17:50:29

Does he need to avoid anything particular because of the condition of his stomach?

pregnantpause Sun 16-Mar-14 09:44:47

I'm sorry that you're dh is suffering, I have stomach issues and am just learning to deal with it myself, and learning how and what I can eat. The problem is that these issues are very individual, what aggravates my stomach will not necessarily affect your dh.

I would suggest eggs for breakfast- two scrambled eggs, or a small omelette. If he doesn't like cereals what about a slice of toast? He's obviously not going to suddenly start having a banquet at breakfast, so maybe just a slice of toast would be a starting.point.

Packed lunches would offer a healthy alternative for lunches in work (though pot noodles are one of the foods I can eat when I'm getting a flare up- bland bland foodsad ) but I don't know what kind of things to suggest because I don't know what he likes- I almost always have last nights leftovers as lunch, but that's because it's easy not due to my stomach issues.

Good luck, I hope all the tests come back clear.

Redpriestandmozart Sun 16-Mar-14 13:10:06

Would he take a smoothie? You can hide all sort of goodness in them and can be drank before leaving the house or on the way in the car. I find them very filling. You can make them with virtually anything with or without milk, fruit, spinach (you don't taste it) peanut butter, oats, anything that takes your fancy.

I hope all the results come back good for you and all the stomach issues settle down.

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