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What's the way to mover from pureed food to what we eat?

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Mariegamble Tue 11-Mar-14 21:00:46

My son is 11 months old and struggling with eating food that isn't pureed - he just spits it out. Loves finger food though! Very frustrating. Any ideas??

sharond101 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:06:36

Start by mashing some and adding it to the puree then increase how much is mashed in relation to that pureed if you see what I mean. Also can offer small pieces of softer foods like bread or bananas as finer foods.

gretagrape Thu 13-Mar-14 19:25:16

What sort of finger food is he happy eating then? Do you mean what he is struggling with is any kind of mush but will happily chew/suck on bread or veg sticks?

If he's happy eating something like bread, then you could spread mashed veg on top so he'll get used to different textures in one mouthful. Or you could give him finger food that is quite mushy to get him used to the texture - steamed courgette with skin on so it holds together but is still mushy and watery, cauli florets steamed until really soft, really ripe pear or melon, etc.

If he can eat finger food then you could just give him parts of the same dinner you're having but in ways he will accept - so if you have a roast he could have the meat, veg and potato but don't bother mashing it all in gravy so it has to be off a spoon, just give him the pieces of food.

Could it be a fight for independence? At 10m my son started going mental every time I fed him from a spoon but would happily eat bits of food from his tray. As soon as I just put the full spoon on the tray for him to pick up instead he was instantly happier and now at 11m he pretty much feeds himself apart from me actually filling the spoon each time.

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