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Snack Ideas Please!

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GeorginaA Fri 27-Feb-04 14:42:49

As I mentioned in another thread, I'm being anal and writing myself out lists of ideas so when I get to internet grocery shop night I don't go completely blank.

Anyway, we've got into a bit of a rut food wise, and the one thing I'm struggling with is snack ideas that both me and ds (2yrs 9mths) will enjoy and find appetising!

I don't mind some "convenience" stuff mixed in because I have "healthy" stuff other days. So, what do you give your toddlers as snacks?

My list of ideas so far is: biscuits, raisins, grapes, cheese (either cheddar, babybel or dairylea strip cheese), bread & butter, sausage rolls, cold sausages, crisps (usually the salt & shake kind with the salt omitted).

Any other suggestions for a bit of variety please?

Northerner Fri 27-Feb-04 14:46:57

rice cakes
bread sticks
carrott/celery and dips
fruit bar things
different types of breads - tomato etc
hot cross buns (yummy)
toasted tea cakes

suzywong Fri 27-Feb-04 14:47:53

Have you been peeking through my window?
That is more or less what I give DS1, but ham instead of sausage rolls and also applrs and grapes and cold chicken drumsticks

I can't come up with any inspiration either
but if it ain't broke, don't fix it


CountessDracula Fri 27-Feb-04 14:48:55

Try more adventurous cheeses, you may be surprised. Dd likes quite strong ones.

How about sandwiches. Hummus and pitta bread.
Bagels and cream cheese.

Iced Gems (prob not vg for you but divine IMO!)

mummytojames Fri 27-Feb-04 14:51:23

bread= toast, sandwich ,tosted sandwich

fimbles Fri 27-Feb-04 14:58:56

potato cakes with butter and/or grated cheese
pikelets with butter and honey,
little muffins for a special treat (tesco do ones for kids)
bowl of cereal, again tesco do a range for kids,or multi cheerios are nice.

Have fun !

GeorginaA Fri 27-Feb-04 15:03:12

These are *fantastic* - thank you Knew I could rely on other mumsnetters to have more imagination than me!! Love the fact there's a good mix of healthy and special treats in here too... ICED GEMS! God, haven't had them in YEARS! Might just make a detour to Tescos on the way back from nursery this afternoon

Keep them coming!

helenmc Fri 27-Feb-04 17:22:14

banana chips
dried apricots
cheese straws
scotch pancakes
sliced apples
vegetarian sausage rolls
chocolate crispies

twiglett Fri 27-Feb-04 17:41:53

message withdrawn

batey Fri 27-Feb-04 17:48:02

My dds and I like pitta breads filled with grated cheess, bits of ham, chunks of tomato and cucumber all mixed in with mayo or sft cheese. Yummy!

Evita Fri 27-Feb-04 20:12:30

bits of cooked pasta tubes
potato waffles
bread sticks and houmous
crackers and cheese spread
dried apricots / apples etc.

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