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Recipes for tuna steak

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sweetheart Tue 11-Jul-06 14:10:08

I'm going to be brave and try cooking Tuna steak next week.

Anyone got a healthy idea of what to do with them - a nice sauce to go with them!?!?!?!

I've never done fish before so this is all new to me.

So come on, fish lovers out there, share your best recipes with me. Plleeaaasssssseeeeeeee!

cardy Tue 11-Jul-06 14:13:01

I don't think yu really need a sauce, just a simple dressing. Why not try olive oil, corriandar and lime and S&P.

oliveoil Tue 11-Jul-06 15:14:05

marinate in sesame oil, chilli, garlic, ginger, corriander, fish sauce, and soy sauce and then grill.

Squeeze a bit of lime juice over at the end (if you marinate in lime it will cook the fish iirc).

Your house will smell of Thailand!

oliveoil Tue 11-Jul-06 15:15:26

here you go

sweetheart Tue 11-Jul-06 16:06:18

sorry to be thick - what does iirc mean?

kando Tue 11-Jul-06 16:23:08

Very easy to cook! (Well, so DH says anyway!) He usually griddles them with lots of black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. As cardy says, I don't think you need a sauce with them. We usually have them cooked as above with maybe a bit of chili oil bunged in for good measure, served with some steamed veggies and either boiled potatoes or potato wedges. Yum - making me hungry!

kando Tue 11-Jul-06 16:23:40

iirc - I think it's "if I recall correctly" - ?

zubb Tue 11-Jul-06 16:25:21

as kando says - just griddled they are great. I serve with new potatoes crushed with a squeeze of lemon, olive oil and chives.

sweetheart Tue 11-Jul-06 16:25:58

kando - doesn't it taste awfully dry???? I wouldn't serve up a plain chicken breast with veggies and potatoes (Not boiled ones anyway) without a bit of gravy or something to make it more moist.

Doesn't the same apply to tuna steaks?

How does the lime cook the tuna?

sweetheart Tue 11-Jul-06 16:26:47

would it taste nice if I mixed some chives and lemon / lime with creme fresh and put it on top?

poisson Tue 11-Jul-06 16:28:37

swwety babes
i did a thread ont his and got laods of answers
will look

sweetheart Tue 11-Jul-06 16:29:07

ahhh thanks {kiss}

poisson Tue 11-Jul-06 16:29:25

Mistymoo Tue 11-Jul-06 16:32:03


kando Tue 11-Jul-06 16:55:05

No, I don't find it dry at all. They are quite juicy, but I suppose it depends on how you cook them.

cardy Wed 12-Jul-06 10:04:58

Another suggestion (as I had this last night) is once the tuna is cooked (I like it pink in the middle) is to use it in a salad nicoise...just add salad, hard boiled eggs, olives and salad dressing. Don't over ccok the tuna so is deson't dry out.

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