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Cooking chicken drumsticks - how long?

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wilbur Fri 26-May-06 09:47:09

I'm cooking loads of chicken today for a party. How long will a big tray of about 12 drumsticks take in the oven and what gas mark? I'm rubbish at cooking meat and always overdo it, but then again I don't want people to get food poisoning. Help!

suzywong Fri 26-May-06 09:53:09

pre-heat your oven to about 200 degree C or gas mark 6

season the drumsticks with salt and pepper and sprinkle a little olive oil over them.
put them in the tray and cooke them for 20 minutes, then open the oven and cover them with aluminum foil and cook for a further 10 minutes.
The flesh should be peeling away from the ankle end of the bone a little


wilbur Fri 26-May-06 10:05:15

That's brill, thanks! Will be checking the ankles religiously...

AtHomeMum Fri 26-May-06 10:05:38

When you are cooking at lot squashed together they may take a little longer.

You can cover in foil, put in a hot oven for 10 mins (don't have gas so don't know what mark) & then turn down & cook slowly for longer (40 mins ish). Would turn over half way.

Time depends on size. Cooked slowly they are very tender & harder to overcook.
They are done when juice runs clear with a skewer pushed into thickest part. (or split one open & check cooked)!

suzywong Fri 26-May-06 10:15:45

yes on second thoughts whack the gas up to 7
don't forget to preheat the oven, very important

scienceteacher Mon 29-May-06 15:51:50

I would do these for half an hour in a moderate oven.

NannyL Mon 29-May-06 19:09:58

I normally do then for 35 mins at 190C in a fan over near the top!

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